GVPD Revamps Neighborhood Watch For The Upcoming Year

Neighborhood Watch plays a fundamental role in how the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) builds strong relationships with residents and keeps the community safe. In 2019 it’s getting a reboot.

As the cornerstone of the City’s crime prevention program, Neighborhood Watch enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with police, to reduce crime in the community. Beginning in 2019, the GVPD is revitalizing Golden Valley’s Neighborhood Watch program based on feedback from the public and officers. The updated program will include:

  • collaborative work between the GVPD and block captains
  • use of electronic delivery as the primary form of communication
  • creation of a new zone map, decreasing the number of zones from 11 to five
  • semi-annual Neighborhood Watch meetings, specific to each zone

Many residents will find they are now in a new zone. To find out what zone you are in, go to the City’s Neighborhood Watch web page, check the map, and sign up for zone-based crime alerts, even if you have signed up before.

Start A Neighborhood Watch

Get in touch with the GVPD to arrange an introduction meeting between neighbors and members of the GVPD. The Department will talk about crime in Golden Valley, how local criminals operate, what to recognize as suspicious, how to use 911, and what a difference Neighborhood Watch makes. For more information, contact the Golden Valley Police Department at 763-593-8079 or police@goldenvalleymn.gov.

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