City Crews Plan For Full Day Of Plowing; Residents Advised To Plan Accordingly

With up to six inches of snow expected between Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon, City snow plow crews will be out in full force plowing and salting roads beginning early Thursday morning before the heaviest snowfall begins and will then transition to a city wide plow by mid-morning. The City will continue to monitor the weather and conditions and adjust plans as necessary.

This snowfall is a great time to remind residents to be courteous to City plow drivers and to follow Golden Valley’s winter parking regulations.

Snow Plow Safety Tips

  • Don’t crowd the plow. Plows travel slower than other vehicles. Reduce your speed and try to stay at least 100 feet away from all plows.
  • You should also never attempt to pass a plow. Visibility is already limited and plow drivers want to avoid any and all dangerous situations.
  • Keep obstructions like garbage and recycling bins, sleds, and basketball hoops out of the street and sidewalks and out of the snowplow’s path.

Winter Parking Reminders

From Nov 1-March 31, parking is prohibited on Golden Valley public streets and alleys from 2-6 am daily. Parking is also prohibited on any public street after a snowfall of at least two inches until the snow has been plowed to the curb line.

Residents may request temporary exemptions from the parking restriction by completing an application for a Winter Parking Restriction Waiver Permit. All waivers are temporary and void during snowfalls of 2 inches or more until snow has stopped falling and the streets are cleared curb to curb. Vehicles in violation are cited by patrolling police and may be towed if still in violation after 24 hours.

For more information about winter parking in Golden Valley, contact the Golden Valley Police Department at 763-593-8079.

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