Brookview Golden Valley To Close At 5 PM Feb 7

Due to the Winter Storm Warning in effect through the evening, Brookview Golden Valley will be closing at 5 pm. The closing will affect Brookview Golf & Lawn Bowling, Three One Six Bar + Grill, and the Brookview Backyard, along with the main Brookview building. The closing will also affect all City Parks and Recreation activities scheduled Thu, Feb 8. Brookview will resume its regularly scheduled hours of operation Fri, Feb 8.

In addition to Brookview’s closing, the City’s Street Maintenance Department has announced City snowplow crews will continue to work throughout the afternoon until rush hour and will resume plowing at 2 am Fri, Feb 8.

For more information about Brookview’s closing, contact Parks and Recreation Director Rick Birno at 763-512-2342. For more information about City of Golden Valley snow plowing, contact the City’s Public Works Department at 763-593-8030.

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