Help Clear Neighborhood Catch Basins To Prevent Localized Flooding

The heavy snowfall this winter, combined with warmer temperatures and rain in the forecast, has resulted in an increased concern for potential springtime flooding throughout Minnesota. The City of Golden Valley is taking measures to be prepared, with crews working overtime to clear the City’s 3,000 catch basins of snow and ice to help manage snowmelt runoff and prevent flooding.

Residents are asked to help by clearing snow and ice from their neighborhood drains.

“We had a 12-person crew working Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday just to clear catch basins, but it won’t be enough to get to all of them,” says Utilities Superintendent Joe Hansen. “Getting these storm drains open is key.”

Clearing the City’s 1,330 fire hydrants is another concern.

“If we have to dig out a hydrant before we can fight a fire, we lose crucial time,” says Fire Chief John Crelly. “When residents shovel around their neighborhood hydrants, it’s a huge help to the community. Neighborhoods are a shared responsibility. Even if the hydrant or catch basin isn’t on your property, please lend a hand.”

How You Can Help

Call 911 if you see a significant blockage in water flow around catch basins, culverts, ponds, creeks, and lakes. City crews will be dispatched to deal with the problem.

Clear snow and ice from the catch basins on your street and shovel out hydrants. Don’t attempt to do this if there is flooding in the area.

If you need to speak to someone about flooding issues during the business day, call the Physical Development Department at 763-593-8030.

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