Parking Rules Enforced After Two Or More Inches Of Snow

Plow crews will be out early Thursday morning, and the Golden Valley Public Works Department wants to remind residents that parking is prohibited on any public street after a snowfall of at least two inches until the snow has been plowed to the curb line.

Crews will begin plowing at 2 am Thursday morning, and a second round of plowing will follow around 8 am. Crews also anticipate to start plowing Friday at 4 am.

Vehicles in violation of the parking rules will be cited by patrolling police, and those still in violation after 24 hours may be towed. After two inches of snowfall, vehicles parked in locations that create an extreme hazard may be towed immediately by the police or at the request of State, County, or City street maintenance personnel.

For more information, visit the Parking page on the City website.


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