City Prepares For More Bicycle And Scooter Sharing In 2019

Recently the Golden Valley City Council amended the City Code in anticipation for more bicycle and scooter sharing services to expand to Golden Valley, such as Lime, which debuted in Golden Valley last July.

lime bikeDeployed July 20, 2018, Lime bikes and scooters quickly gained popularity with residents. Through August, September, and October, a total of 769 bike rides were taken in Golden Valley by 470 people. From Sept-Oct, a total of 730 scooter rides were taken by 439 people. In December 2018, the City extended Lime’s pilot program through 2019.

Since then, more ride sharing services expressed interest in coming to Golden Valley, sparking the need for regulations on their operation and usage.

Regulations include a limit on the number of total vehicles allowed in the city at any given time, adding licensing requirements for vendors, and rules to deter the dumping or parking of bikes and scooters on private property and other restricted areas.

For the full list of parking rules for ride sharing services in Golden Valley, visit the Bicycle and Scooter Sharing page on the City website.

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