Property Maintenance Inspections To Begin Mid-May

Over the next few months, the Golden Valley Fire Department will be performing annual inspections of the exteriors and yards of all homes in the community. Inspections will start mid-May and will take one to two months to complete. 

Inspections are completed to ensure all residents are following the City’s Property Maintenance Code, and will focus on what can be seen from streets or sidewalks. Property maintenance codes offer a practical approach to correcting property maintenance issues before they become problems for neighbors and costly for homeowners.

Property Code Violations

When an inspector determines a property is out of compliance according to the City ordinance, he or she will work with the property owner to understand options and make corrections. Those who receive violations will be given a designated time to fix the problem and will pay fines if they don’t comply.

To avoid any violations, review the City’s Property Maintenance Code Checklist.

For more information visit the property maintenance page on the City website or call Fire Department Inspections staff at 763-593-8057.

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