Use City Resources To Help Protect Your Property From Flooding

Spring is the rainy season and the perfect time to review your property’s risk for flooding. The City of Golden Valley and its staff are here to help.

flooded streetCity engineers and building inspectors can offer technical advice when it comes to flooding and drainage problems. For a small fee, they can also provide information about whether your property is in the FEMA floodplain, flood-way, or other flood areas, as well as historical flood information.

Since nearly 25 percent of all flood damage claims occur outside of the floodplain, staff recommends working with your insurance company to review and asses your flooding risk.

There are also a few things property owners can do themselves to further protect against from flooding, like:

  • landscape your yard so surface water flows away from your home
  • make sure your sump pump is working, and install a battery-operated backup in case of a power failure
  • install a water alarm to let you know if water is accumulating in your basement
  • keep debris and trash out of nearby streams, ditches, and drainage ways

For more information visit the Flood Plain Management page on the City website.

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