City Prepares For Federally Mandated Wireless Facilities

The State of Minnesota and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently passed legislation allowing wireless providers to place infrastructure, such as antennas and other equipment, in City rights-of-way while limiting the City’s ability to regulate placement of the equipment.

wireless facilities The wireless infrastructure will enable technological advances such as 5G technology, and the City expects installation to begin at any time.

City right-of-way generally includes the first 15 feet of any property adjacent to a street.

In response to the new regulations and impending installations, the City Council modified the City’s Right-of-Way Management Ordinance to ensure wireless providers meet minimum design and aesthetic standards. In brief, the modified ordinance allows the City to:

  • require a minimum distance between equipment
  • require a permit be obtained for any person wanting to locate a wireless facility in City right-of-way
  • regulate equipment aesthetic standards such as the specific color, design, and material used
  • require ground-mounted equipment to be concealed

For more information, visit the Wireless Facilities page on the City website.

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