National Pollinator Week Is June 17-23

National Pollinator Week is June 17–23 and is a celebration of the valuable ecosystem provided by birds, bats, bees, and other insects. The week is also a great opportunity to remind the public to help preserve and enhance it.

city hall pollinator garden

City Hall Pollinator Garden

In Golden Valley, multiple individual and group efforts are under way to provide pollinator habitats as well as education to those interested in planting them. These include community organizations like the Golden Valley Garden Club and People For Pollinators-Golden Valley.

Last spring a group of volunteers helped plant a pollinator garden on City Hall campus as a feeding source and habitat for bees and butterflies. It is also aesthetically pleasing and will serve as a useful educational tool to those interested in pollinators.

The City had wanted a pollinator garden for some time, and the project was ultimately made possible through a donation from the Golden Valley Community Foundation.

How You Can Help

  • Plant variety of native flowers with a variety of colors and shapes to provide shelter and a diverse pollen and nectar source for pollinators.
  • Limit pesticide use to attract pollinators. Rely on natural predators such as amphibians, birds, and spiders to eliminate pests. If a pesticide must be used, use the lowest recommended amount and apply it in the evening when pollinators are not foraging.

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