Recent TV News Story About Break-Ins Prompts Reminder From Golden Valley Police

The City’s police department has fielded several calls from concerned residents after Golden Valley was mentioned June 18 in a KSTP news story about home break-ins. Golden Valley Crime Analyst Joanne Paul provides additional context about the crimes, along with a reminder for everyone to lock their doors.

Over the weekend of June 14-16, five crimes occurred in one Golden Valley neighborhood, including three thefts from auto, one auto theft, and one garage burglary, says Paul. In each case the vehicles were left unlocked, and for the garage burglary, access was gained from a garage door opener in an unlocked vehicle.

This topic was recently covered in the May/June 2019 issue of Golden Valley CityNews. According to the article “Lock Your Car, It’s That Simple,” Golden Valley police reported that Golden Valley had a lower than usual number of thefts from vehicles in summer 2018. But when they did occur, each case had one thing in common. Every car was unlocked at the time of the theft. The same was true for each vehicle theft. Every car was left unlocked, and on top of that, the keys were left in the vehicle.

As summer 2019 gets under way, Paul recommends residents follow one rule all year long to help avoid becoming a victim: Lock your doors—to your cars and to your house.

More Crime Prevention Tips

  • Don’t leave valuables in your car in plain sight. Even if a car is locked but a purse, bag, or wallet is left inside, thieves are known to break windows to enter a car.
  • Crime can happen at any time of the day. Reporting suspicious activity while it is happening could save you or your neighbor from being victimized.
  • Do not leave garage door openers in vehicles that are parked outside. This could lead to a thief breaking into your home.
  • It is recommended that you light up the exterior of your home from dusk until dawn to improve visibility of your house so your neighbors and passing officers can keep an eye on it.

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