Avoid Drainage Issues On Your Property

Over the last few years Minnesota has experienced extremely wet weather and soil conditions, and many Golden Valley properties have been affected by the excess water. To help avoid the risk of flooding and water intrusion on your or your neighbor’s property, the City has a few tips for residents.

First, make sure sump pump discharge hoses are directed away from your home but not at a neighboring yard. A discharge hose directed at an adjacent property is a violation of City Code and can have a damaging effect on neighboring yards and basements.

Second, direct roof leaders and downspouts away from your home and your neighbors’ yards to avoid similar issues.

Also, many residences have a drain tile located in front their house behind the curb that can be used to connect their sump pump hose or roof leader to the City’s Storm Sewer system.

Contact the City’s Engineering Department at 763-593-8030 to find out if this service is available near your property, to apply for the required permits, or to request technical assistance.

For more information, visit the City’s Stormwater page.

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