Help Out Your Environment, Know What To Recycle

The rules about what can and can’t be recycled seem like they are constantly changing, and they more or less are. Overall, Golden Valley residents and Minnesotans in general are good at recycling. They have significantly lower contamination rates than elsewhere in the country. Hennepin County’s Recycle Smart campaign aims to help residents recycle smarter by knowing what can go in the recycling cart and by keeping problem items out.

Do recycle:

  • Paper: mail, office papers, magazines, newspapers
  • Boxes: cardboard boxes, cereal and cracker boxes, shoe boxes, toiletry boxes
  • Plastic containers and glass bottles (soda bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, yogurt cups, produce containers)

Do not recycle:

  • Plastic bags and large plastic items
  • Random metal items
  • Single-use paper plates, cups, utensils, and straws
  • Needles and sharps

Learn how to properly dispose of these items and more on the Hennepin County website.

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