Help The GVPD Solve Crime With CommunityCAM

Because exterior camera surveillance systems have helped the police when investigating crimes in business areas, the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) is expanding the practice to residential areas with its new CommunityCAM program.

How Does It Work?

CommunityCAM partners the GVPD with residents who have exterior video surveillance, like a doorbell camera, to help the department if a crime occurs in their neighborhood. Golden Valley businesses are also encouraged to join the program.

Joining the program and registering your security camera is as easy as filling out an online form. Then, when a crime occurs in your area, GVPD personnel may contact you to view your video in an attempt to gain more information about the crime. Participation is voluntary and free, and residents and businesses can stop their participation at any time.

Get Started

To register with CommunityCAM, visit the City website or stop by the Golden Valley Public Safety building.

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