Statewide Hands-Free Cell Phone Law Starts Today

Distracted driving contributes to an average of 45 deaths per year in Minnesota. With the new Hands-Free Law, taking effect Aug 1, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (MNDPS) is hoping drivers will keep their eyes off their cell phones and on the road.

The law prohibits drivers from using cell phones for calls, texts, or any other reason, except through voice commands or in another manner that doesn’t require the user to touch the device. Hand-held cell phone use while driving will only be permitted in the case of obtaining emergency assistance, if there is an immediate threat to life or safety, or while performing official duties in an authorized emergency vehicle.

Drivers will still be able to use their phone as a GPS, as long as it is securely mounted or placed in your vehicle.

The penalties for violating the law include a $50 fine plus court fees for first time offenders and a $275 fine for repeat offenders.

Learn more about the Hands-Free Law on the MNDPS website.

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