Golden Valley Human Rights Commission Outreach Program To Be Held Sept 25, 7–9 pm

The Golden Valley Human Rights Commission (HRC) will host a community outreach program titled Antisemitism, Xenophobia, and Hate: Local and Global Challenges Wed, Sept 25, 7–9 pm at Brookview. Presented by World Without Genocide, the program will inform and educate the public on critical human rights issues provide suggestions for both individual and city-wide responses.

Presenters will share recent data that suggests a rise in hate crimes, highlight recent episodes of violence, explain the conditions that influence hate-speech and violence, provide steps to address multiple forms of hate, and much more.

World Without Genocide is a non-profit organization based out of St Paul, MN. It works to help people around the world, prevent genocide by fighting racism and prejudice, advocate for the prosecution of perpetrators, and honor those whose lives have been altered by violence and injustice.

For more information about World Without Genocide, visit their website. To learn more about the upcoming HRC community outreach event, visit the City website or contact HRC Staff Liason Kirsten Santelices at 763-593-3989.

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