Council To Consider Awarding Bids For City Bike Lane Project

At its Sept 3 meeting, the Golden Valley City Council will consider awarding bids to install bike lanes on five streets this fall. The proposed 2019 City Bike Lane Project is a component of Golden Valley’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which was developed starting in 2016 with help from a citizen task force to improve the local bicycle and pedestrian network as part of the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is in the Transportation Chapter of the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan. Over the past three years, residents had opportunities to provide ideas and feedback at open houses, community events, and through an online interactive mapping tool where users could describe the location of preferred routes, destinations, gaps in the network, areas needing maintenance, and challenging intersections to cross.

Most recently, the City held an open house June 12 on the 2019 City Bike Lane Project. Based on feedback from open house attendees, emailed and written comments, and discussion at the July 9 Council/Manager meeting, the City Council directed staff to make several revisions to the plan.

Bike lanes will be installed on:

  • Golden Valley Rd from Pennsylvania Ave to Douglas Dr (on-street parking will be prohibited on that section of Golden Valley Rd)
  • Pennsylvania Ave from Wayzata Blvd to Laurel Ave (on-street parking is already prohibited along this route)
  • Laurel Ave from Pennsylvania Ave to Turners Crossroad (on-street parking will be restricted on the north side of Laurel Ave, allowed on the south side of Laurel Ave from Pennsylvania Ave to Colorado Ave, and prohibited from Colorado Ave to Xenia Ave, where an on-street pedestrian route will be installed)
  • Wayzata Blvd from General Mills Blvd to Texas Ave (on-street parking is already prohibited along this route)

Bike lanes will not be installed on:

  • Sandburg Rd/Nevada Ave between Medicine Lake Rd and Douglas Dr  (on-street parking will not be prohibited, and the City will work with Hennepin County to determine the feasibility of bike signage on Medicine Lake Rd with wayfinding signs)
  • Olympia St between Winnetka Ave and Douglas Dr (current parking restrictions on Olympia St will remain in effect, and shared lane markings will be placed on Olympia St as well as bike route signs at Winnetka Ave and Douglas Dr)

For more information about the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, visit the City website. To learn more about the Bike Lanes Project, contact Assistant City Engineer RJ Kakach at 763-593-8043.

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