Decola Ponds Flood Mitigation Project Set To Begin

A joint project by the City of Golden Valley and the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission in a portion of the Pennsylvania Woods Nature Area will create flood storage to help alleviate a chronic flooding problem in Golden Valley and New Hope.

Benefits of the DeCola Ponds B and C Improvement Project include reducing flood damage to nearby homes, businesses, and infrastructure; protecting public health; improving public safety by reducing floodDeCola Ponds B and C Project Maping on Medicine Lake Road and surrounding local streets; improving water quality; restoring vegetation and wildlife habitat; and improving recreation and park user experience.

Construction on phase one of the project will run Sept 2019–June 2020 and involves earthwork, utilities, and trail paving, with restoration to follow.

While the project involves removal of trees in low-lying areas, those areas will be restored with high-quality native vegetation and wildlife habitat. This includes a diverse mix of new trees, shrubs, prairie grasses, and wildflowers, complemented by benches and viewing areas along new and reconstructed trails.

During construction, a portion of the Pennsylvania Woods Nature Area and surrounding trails will be closed to ensure public safety. Watch for signs and fencing, and check the project webpage for more information or to sign up for email updates.

Questions? Contact Eric Eckman, development and assets supervisor, at 763-593-8084.

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