Progress Made In DeCola Ponds B And C Improvement Project

The DeCola Ponds B and C Improvement Project is one of several flood mitigation projects identified in the Medicine Lake Road and DeCola Ponds Flood Mitigation Plan. The City of Golden Valley will provide updates on the project online and via the City’s email subscription service (see below).

Last week, crews installed traffic control signs along truck haul routes and trail closure signs at the project limits. Keep in mind that portions of the Pennsylvania Woods Nature Area and surrounding trails are closed during construction. For safety purposes, please avoid the park and trails during this time.

This week, crews are installing tree protection fencing and erosion control fencing throughout the project.

Crews also located private utilities (gas, electric, cable/communications) in the Dover Hill easement area north of Pennsylvania Woods. Utilities in conflict with the grading plan will be relocating their facilities this fall.

Crews Set Up Temporary Dewatering System

Crews are setting up a temporary dewatering system in Decola Ponds B and C to lower the pond levels 1.5 feet in Ponds A, B, and C during construction. As part of this effort, trucks are using designated haul routes to bring in soil to set up temporary berms in Ponds B and C. Hauling is expected to be completed by Sept 13. Due to the messy nature of the work, the crews are scraping and sweeping streets daily and as needed to keep the surrounding streets clean.

Pumping down (dry) the work areas within Ponds B and C will begin in the next week and will continue throughout the project. See the temporary dewatering plan on the project website for more information.

Crews will monitor and clear all pipe inlets and outlets in DeCola Ponds A through F during the project. This will include moving, reusing, or replacing structures within the work areas of Ponds B and C.

For More Information

Medicine Lake Road and DeCola Ponds Flood Mitigation Plan

Project Website (project overview)

Project Email Address (get answers to questions during construction)

Project Hotline: 763-593-8030

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