Unload Your Leaves At The City’s Leaf Drop-Off This Fall

Golden Valley’s annual fall leaf drop-off provides residents a monitored site at Brookview Park to dispose of their leaves at no charge. Dates for this year’s drop-off are Sat, Oct 26, 8 am-1 pm; Sat, Nov 2, 8 am-1 pm; Fri, Nov 8, 8 am-3 pm; and Sat, Nov 9, 7 am-1 pm.

During drop-off days, Brookview Pkwy will become a one-way road. All traffic must enter the site from Winnetka Ave and exit on Western Ave. Traffic personnel will direct vehicles to drop-off points where other personnel will help residents unload or de-bag leaves.

Important Reminders

  • All participants must provide proof of Golden Valley residency (Minnesota driver’s license, ID, or proof of identity and address).
  • Only leaves are accepted (no brush, garden waste, etc).
  • Residents must help de-bag their leaves at the site and take the bags home for reuse or disposal. This includes compostable bags, as the disposal site requires all leaves to be unbagged.
  • For fast unloading and to conserve your bags, leave them untied if possible. If you must tie them, do so loosely or use the yellow or clear plastic tabs (they break open easily). Bags that are tightly knotted or tightly tied with wire “twisties” will be cut open to save time.
  • Residents hauling loose leaves must help unload their leaves at the site. If you’re hauling loose leaves, line the trailer or truck bed with a tarp before loading the leaves. To unload, help the workers lift the corners of the tarp and dump the leaves into the disposal box.

Learn more about the fall leaf drop-off on the City website or call 763-593-8030.

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