PMP Work Nearing Its End For 2019 Season

The 2019 Pavement Management Program reconstructed approximately 1.5 miles of City streets in northeast Golden Valley. Crews started the work in May and are looking to wrap up before winter.

Over the past few weeks, crews have finished placing sod on streets south of 23rd Ave and will complete placing sod on streets between Medley Ln and 23rd Ave by the end of the this week. Concrete crews have completed curb and gutter work on all remaining streets, including Brogger Circle and the Medley Park parking lot.

Moving to the next stage of the project, asphalt crews will begin to place gravel on streets north of Medley Ln starting the week of Oct 21. Following the placement of gravel, crews will pave the first layer of asphalt the week of Oct 28, weather permitting, followed by the final layer later this fall. During this time crews will begin paving the remaining asphalt driveways and begin to backfill curbs and grade for sod installation.

For more information about the 2019 PMP, visit the City website or call 763-593-8030.

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