Human Rights Commission Honors Two Residents With Bill Hobbs Award

The Golden Valley Human Rights Commission (HRC) has named Gloria Peck and Ruth Paradise recipients of the 2019 Bill Hobbs Human Rights Award for their work in building an environment that promotes fair and equal treatment for everyone in Golden Valley. Both awards were presented at the Dec 17 City Council meeting.

Ruth Paradise and Gloria Peck

Ruth Paradise (left) and Gloria Peck (right)

Gloria Peck

Gloria Peck’s nominator calls out her diverse offerings to the community as part of what makes her a perfect candidate for the Hobbs  Award.

Peck is a frequent volunteer at PRISM (a local non-profit food and clothing charity), a leader in her church (Spirit of Hope), and was one of the original organizers of the Twin Cities’ first suburban pride celebration, the Golden Valley Pride Festival. She has also served on the HRC for more than six years, where she led several subcommittees and public conversations on topics like sex trafficking, mental illness, LGBTQ rights, and more.

“She is a humble, caring, kind, and gracious person, who has been extremely generous with her time given to the Golden Valley Community,” said her nominator.

Ruth Paradise

Ruth Paradise was nominated for her work to preserve and create affordable housing in Golden Valley, which is described as second to none.

“Ruth’s efforts to protect tenants began in earnest three years ago, when tenants were evicted from a block of apartments on Douglas Drive by new owners,” said her nominator. “She and others organized a city meeting to raise awareness of the injustice of this for Golden Valley residents living there with few alternatives.”

Since then, Paradise organized the Golden Valley Housing Coalition and currently serves as chair of the group. Over the last three years, her nominator notes Paradise has worked tirelessly to organize support for those living or in need of affordable housing in Golden Valley and to keep them in the forefront of City discussions.

“Ruth works 24/7 to advance affordable housing behind the scenes, never looking for attention or credit,” said her nominator. “She brings tireless energy to the task in a belief that safe, stable housing is a basic human right and essential for families and our community to thrive.”

Learn more about the Bill Hobbs Human Rights Award on the City website.

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