Preparations Are Under Way For Jan 17 Snowstorm

Projections for today’s storm have heavy snow starting between noon and 1 pm and falling at around 1 inch per hour until approximately 6 pm. City crews will plow up until the evening rush hour, then resume plowing at 2 am Saturday, Jan 18.

On Saturday, weather predictions call for tapering snow and increased winds. Crews will continue plowing streets until they are cleared. Sidewalk plowing will begin at 6 am Saturday.

Please plan your driving accordingly. As you prepare, check out the City’s most frequently asked snowplowing questions and answers.

Keep in mind that removal of snow and ice from private property to a roadway, across a roadway, or onto a sidewalk or adjacent property is prohibited by City ordinance and State statute

Also, parking is prohibited on Golden Valley public streets and alleys from 2-6 am daily from Nov 1-March 31. Parking is also prohibited on any public street after a snowfall of at least two inches until the snow has been plowed to the curb line.

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Call the City’s Public Works Department at 763-593-8030 for more information.

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