Share Your Thoughts On Updated Pet Leashing Ordinance

Complete a survey regarding the Golden Valley City Council’s potential updates to the City’s pet leashing ordinance.

Under the City’s current ordinance, whenever a dog is off its owner’s property, it must be restrained by a leash no longer than six feet. Dogs restrained by voice commands as effectively as a leash are exempt from the leash rule except in public parks, where all dogs must be leashed at all times

The updated ordinance could include no longer allowing the use of voice command for control and could require the use of a leash no longer than six feet while in Golden Valley public spaces. The full proposed ordinance can be found in the Feb 11 Council work session agenda.

The Council is scheduled to hold a first consideration of the new ordinance at its April 7 meeting. Public comments will be taken at this time.

Share Your Thoughts

short online survey gives residents a chance to share their thoughts on the issue. Printed copies of the survey are available in the Golden Valley City Manager’s office at City Hall. The deadline to respond is March 27.

For more information contact the Golden Valley City Manager’s office at 763-593-8002.

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