City Council Meetings Held Electronically After Mayor Declares Local Emergency

In light of the recently declared COVID-19 health pandemic, the Mayor of the City of Golden Valley declared a local emergency under Minnesota Statute, section 12.37. In accordance with that declaration, beginning on March 16, 2020 all City Council meetings will be conducted by telephone or other electronic means until further notice.

The City uses WebEx to conduct electronic meetings. Each meeting will be assigned a unique code, which will be published in the agenda.

Meetings will be broadcast on Cable Channel 16 and livestreamed on

How To Participate In The March 17 City Council Meeting

The public may participate in this meeting during public comment sections, including the public forum that begins at 6:20, by calling +1-415-655-0001 and entering meeting code 805 422 661.

Additional instructions for participating in electronic meetings are available on the City website.

Members of the public wishing to address the Council during an electronic meeting are encouraged to call or email City Clerk Kris Luedke at 763-593-8012 or before the meeting to sign up to speak.

When an agenda item calls for public input (such as the public forum, a public hearing, or consideration of an ordinance), the City Clerk will:

  • explain how the public comment section is organized (who will speak when, how to identify yourself, and how long each participant may speak)
  • unmute the public’s phone lines
  • ask members of the public to state their names (the clerk will keep a list of names and call on members of the public one at a time)

Each speaker will be allowed up to three minutes to address the Council, and the City Clerk will keep a record of all comments.

Speakers must follow all other rules applicable to addressing the Council.

When the public comments are completed, the Mayor will close the public comment section and all public call-in lines will be muted. Members of the public may remain on the line to continue monitoring the meeting.

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