EAB Spreading Through Golden Valley

Emerald ash borer (EAB), initially detected in Stockman Park in the northeast corner of Golden Valley, has been identified in several other locations across town. The City is continuing to inspect ash trees throughout the community.

Management And Removal

Public Trees—In accordance with its EAB Management Plan, the City removes ash trees annually on public property (parks/golf course, etc) and replaces them with a variety of species. This approach spreads out costs and limits future loss if another insect or disease were to develop.

Private Trees—For trees on private property, the City will help with inspection and make recommendations for treatment and/or removal. If you suspect an EAB infestation on your property, visit the invasive species page on the City website (see below).

Boulevard Trees—The City will remove boulevard trees at no cost to residents but currently has no program for replacing them. Residents who have treated boulevard ash trees to prevent EAB need to notify the City so those trees are added to a list for non-removal. Call the Physical Development at 763- 593-8030.

The recommended window for removing ash trees is Oct 1–May 1, unless there is a safety concern.

For more information, visit the Invasive Species page on the City website.

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