Park Users Asked To “Leave No Trace” After Uptick In Pollution At City Parks

Maintenance staff recently noted significant garbage on the ground in Golden Valley parks, including food bags and wrappers, tennis ball containers, bags of pet waste, and more. The City asks residents to do their part to help keep parks clean.

trash in City parksMuch of the garbage, including the full pet waste bags, was left not far from garbage carts.

During this public health emergency, park users are asked to “leave no trace” and carry out what they carry in, including pet waste.

Our top priority is maintaining the health and safety of our residents, staff, and the Golden Valley community. If you can’t find a way to safely open park garbage carts, or if one is not available, please take your garbage and bags of pet waste home and dispose of it in your own trash can rather than throwing it on the ground.

We are in this together. Your cooperation is very important to helping limit the spread of coronavirus.

pet waste bags on ground

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