News By Month: May 2020

All is quiet at this hour in Golden Valley.  The GVPD is responding to routine 911 calls and continuing to monitor the situation. Thank you for your cooperation with the city-wide curfew. This will be the last update for the night unless there is a change. Read More

The Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) again has additional officers on shift tonight and the Golden Valley Fire Department has extra firefighters on duty, in response to the current situation in the Twin Cities. Please know the GVPD has more than enough resources to handle regular 911 calls for service and additional resources ready to handle other incidents should they arise. The Department is also continuing to work with partners in other agencies and monitoring the situation. Read More

Three One Six Bar + Grill will be open Mon, June 1 at noon for takeout and patio dining only by reservation and will be following all health and safety procedures set by the State of Minnesota. After tomorrow, the restaurant will be open daily 9 am–9 pm. Read More

The city-wide nighttime curfew has been extended in Golden Valley and will again be in effect Sunday, May 31, 8 pm until Monday, June 1, 6 am. This extension comes after Governor Walz’s announcement of the curfew extension for Minneapolis and St Paul. During the curfew, all persons must not travel on any public street or in any public place.

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In the last 24 hours the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) has responded to 70 calls for service around the city, none of which were related to recent events. Several calls of suspicious activity were reported, but all were unfounded, and no criminal acts were uncovered. Read More

As the night progresses, the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) has responded to normal calls for service and a few suspicion calls that were unfounded. The GVPD continues to work with partners in other agencies and monitor the situation. Read More

The City of Golden Valley is quiet at this hour, with no incidents reported. Officers continue to patrol the streets, collaborate with neighbor agencies, and monitor the situation. The City will release another update if the status should change. Read More

As the City of Golden Valley finishes the first hour of it’s city-wide curfew, Golden Valley police officers are patrolling the streets, and as of 9 pm there have been no incidents relating to the current situation in the Twin Cities. Read More

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The Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) has extra officers on duty and ready to respond to situations as they may unfold. No related incidents have been reported this afternoon, but as always, officers are monitoring the situation carefully and working with neighboring cities for additional assistance if needed. Read More