GVPD Issues Situational Awareness Brief #6

In the last 24 hours the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) has responded to 70 calls for service around the city, none of which were related to recent events. Several calls of suspicious activity were reported, but all were unfounded, and no criminal acts were uncovered.

Again, THANK YOU for listening and observing the city-wide curfew. GVPD personnel will continue to monitor the situation and are ready to respond to any situation that may unfold. Officers are here to help. Report anything suspicious by calling 911 immediately, or contact the GVPD at 763-593-8079 or police@goldenvalleymn.gov with any questions and concerns.

Remember to #StaySafeMN. Wear a mask, stay 6 feet from others, wash your hands, and get tested if you are sick.

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