Golden Valley Police Chief Issues Statement On Death Of George Floyd

Golden Valley’s Police Chief Jason Sturgis issued the following statement in response to the death of George Floyd.

As the Chief of Police for the Golden Valley Police Department and having been a resident of the City for 17 years, it goes without saying Golden Valley holds a special place in my life. I have many friends and connections here that go beyond being a police officer for the city. My daughter spent her entire academic career in the Robbinsdale School District and will graduate from Armstrong High School this Thursday. Prior to joining GVPD 16 years ago, I was a Minneapolis Police Officer for eight years. On a personal level, I was shocked and saddened by the officer’s behavior displayed in the bystander video and the absolute disregard for Mr. Floyd’s life. I join the voices of Golden Valley that call for justice for Mr. Floyd. Mr. Floyd’s life matters.

Last week we posted information on our City’s website outlining the required, as well as additional training provided for our officers. We also listed our community outreach efforts with the community. This year, our department implemented an officer wellness program that includes a one-on-one check-in with a mental health professional familiar with law enforcement. Soon, we will be rolling out a new web-based dashboard that will provide an overview and transparency of police activity in our community. We embrace diversity and recognize the rights of individuals to live their lives with dignity, free of discrimination, fear, violence, and hate. The Golden Valley Police Department supports and will protect the right to assemble and peacefully protest and stands for the values of social equity, inclusion, and justice.

Jason Sturgis

Golden Valley Chief of Police

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