City Extends Nighttime Curfew; GVPD Issues Situational Awareness Brief #13

The City of Golden Valley is extending its city-wide nighttime curfew for the next two nights. It will be in effect from 10 pm Wednesday, June 3 until 4 am Thursday, June 4, and from 10 pm Thursday, June 4 until 4 am Friday, June 5.

During the curfew, all persons must not travel on any public street or in any public place.

All law enforcement, fire, medical personnel, and members of the news media, as well as other personnel authorized by the City of Minneapolis, City of Saint Paul, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Minnesota State Patrol, or Minnesota National Guard, are exempt from the curfew. Individuals traveling directly to and from work, seeking emergency care, fleeing dangerous circumstances, or experiencing homelessness are also exempt.

GVPD Keeps Extra Officers On Duty

The Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) continues to have additional officers on duty and is ready to respond to any and all situations that may arise. At this time, the GVPD is receiving a higher number of suspicion calls than normal, but none have resulted in any criminal activity. We encourage residents to call 911 if you need emergency services or to report suspicious activity.

The GVPD appreciates everyone’s observance of the curfew.

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