Absentee Voting By Mail Begins June 26

Minnesotans can now request absentee ballots for mail-in voting for the August 11 primary election. The Minnesota Secretary of State’s office is urging residents to use the vote by mail option in hopes of limiting the number of people voting in-person and lowering the risks of spreading COVID-19.

A primary election determines which candidates will be on the ballot in the November general election. Races on the ballot include US  Senator and Representative, State Senator and Representative, and Judicial seats. Some voters may also have County, City, and School Board offices on their ballots.

You can only vote for candidates from one political party. If you vote for candidates from more than one political party, your votes will not count. You decide when you vote which one of the parties you will vote for—Minnesota does not have political party registration.

Applying For An Absentee Ballot

To receive an absentee ballot in the mail residents should apply online or print and complete an absentee ballot application and return it to the Hennepin County Elections office either in person (300 South 6th Street Minneapolis, MN 55487), by mail, email, or fax (612-348-2151).

Applicants who apply more than 46 days before the election will have their ballots mailed at least 46 days before the election. Those who apply within 46 days of the election will have their ballots mailed within a day or two of the application being received.

Returning An Absentee Ballot

By Mail

Mail your ballot back in the pre-paid, pre-addressed envelope that was provided with your ballot materials. The ballot must be received on or before election day. If you don’t think your ballot will be received in time using regular mail, you may choose to pay for an express delivery service.

In Person

Although the State is asking residents to consider using the mail-in option, ballots can still be returned in person to the Hennepin County elections office or to the Golden Valley City Clerk by 3 pm on election day.

For more information on voting absentee by mail, please visit the Hennepin County website or the Minnesota Secretary of State website.

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