Golden Valley Human Rights Commission Launches The Just Deeds Project

As a continuation of its work on restrictive covenants, the Golden Valley Human Rights Commission (HRC) launched the Just Deeds Project this week to help homeowners discover and renounce restrictive covenants on their property titles. Residents can now apply to release covenants on their property deeds.

Racially restrictive covenants are contractual agreements that prohibit the purchase, lease, or occupation of a property by a particular group of people. These covenants were used by real estate developers in the 19th and 20th centuries to restrict people of color from buying or occupying property in certain neighborhoods across the country, including certain areas of Golden Valley. Despite being unenforceable, the language of racially restrictive covenants still exists in property titles.

In 2019 the Minnesota legislature passed a law allowing property owners to discharge restrictive covenants from their titles. This legislation prompted the HRC to create a work plan to educate residents, provide information about discharging these covenants, and create a platform to continue the conversation on equity and inclusion. This effort by the HRC became known as the Just Deeds Project.

If you would like to know if you have a restrictive covenant on your property title and get support removing it, complete the registration form, then submit it to The City will forward your information to one of our volunteer experts, who will contact you directly about your property.

For more information on this issue, the Just Deeds Project, and for resources, visit the Racially Restrictive Covenants page on the City website.

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