City Study Will Help Determine Future Facility Needs

To better understand and plan for its long-term building needs, the City is conducting a study of its facilities to determine how they can best serve the community while maximizing opportunities for a future downtown Golden Valley. The process will include identifying the City’s space needs for its various operations, facilitation of a community task force, and a phasing plan for improvements.

Establishing a detailed strategy for future improvements will enable the City to plan for re-investing in its facilities, work with stakeholders, and take advantage of opportunities that emerge. A number of factors converged to prompt the study:

  • The Public Safety building and Fire Stations 2 and 3 don’t meet standards for gender equity and a needed Fire Department staffing model change to enhance response times.
  • The Public Works facilities are spread among three buildings on the City campus and a building on 10th Ave, which creates inefficiencies as well as safety concerns in the business district.
  • City Hall’s layout doesn’t efficiently support the services provided inside. Like the other buildings, it is outdated and does not meet the City’s current or future operational needs.
  • A recent study of the downtown area identified opportunities for private development at the northeast quadrant of Golden Valley Rd and Winnetka Ave, where the City Hall campus is located.

Downtown Development Opportunities

The City campus area sits at the northeast quadrant of Winnetka Ave and Golden Valley Rd, which is a desirable location that could be better configured to incorporate
private investment and support businesses and activities in the downtown area.

Public Safety Operational Changes

The Public Safety buildings all have limited space for training, storage, and operations and lack the appropriate facilities to accommodate different genders equitably. The Public Safety building on the City campus houses both the Police and Fire Departments. Fire Station 2 (Laurel Ave and Turners Crossroad) and Fire Station 3 (Golden Valley Rd and Bonnie Lane) are remote locations to serve other parts of Golden Valley.

Golden Valley’s fire stations were established to support a paid on-call staffing structure, which is becoming unsustainable in today’s society. To provide the community with adequate response times, a recent study concluded that Golden Valley Fire Department operations should transition from paid on-call staffing to a duty crew structure, which allows scheduled staffing and 24-hour support of a two-station model. Full-time staffing could be considered in the future. The department currently operates duty crews when call volumes are higher.

Public Works Operational Conflicts

The Public Works facilities are housed in three different buildings on campus and lack equitable facilities for different genders. Building sizes and configurations create inefficiencies and do not accommodate modern vehicles and equipment well. The movement of large equipment often conflicts with other activities and services on campus and in the downtown area. An unheated storage facility and storage yard are located off site.

City Hall Service Challenges

Instead of being a prominent community destination, City Hall is set back from Winnetka Ave and Golden Valley Road, largely out of view. Although recent interior improvements have been made, the building is dated, with a main corridor that separates operations and does not accommodate the public well. Besides general municipal business functions, the City’s busy DMV service center also operates out of City Hall.

Apply For The Task Force

To provide insight and feedback to the facilities study discussion, the City is recruiting 10–12 residents, business community members, and institutional representatives to serve on a task force with the City’s architectural consultant and a staff steering committee.

TO serve on the Task Force, complete an application and submit it to by Oct 5, 4:30 pm.

To learn more, visit the Facilities Study Task Force page on the City website.

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