City Council Establishes Task Force To Help Develop New Police Commission

As part of its commitment to delivering high-quality, responsive services and ensuring the community remains welcoming for all, the City of Golden Valley continually reviews its practices and considers ways to improve. One of the City Council’s 2020 strategic planning action steps was to make the hiring process for the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) more efficient and equitable.


Over the last few years, the GVPD has analyzed how changing its recruitment practices could increase a diverse candidate pool and eliminate barriers in the hiring process. The current Civil Service process makes it difficult to move swiftly to hire quality candidates in an ultra-competitive market.

At its July Council/Manager meeting, the City Council directed staff to begin the process of studying how the City might replace the existing process, thereby replacing the Civil Service Commission with a new commission on policing. To help define the authority and function of the new commission, the City Council is establishing a 13-member Police Commission Task Force. The work of the Task Force will be presented to the Council and the public for consideration.

Police Commission Task Force

The Police Commission Task Force’s work will include:

  • making recommendations regarding the name, membership composition, and duties of a new commission on policing
  • developing a proposed mission statement and bylaws for the new commission that define its role

The Task Force will include Golden Valley residents; a youth under age 21 who lives or attends school in Golden Valley; a member of the Golden Valley business community; members from the City’s existing Police Civil Service Commission, Human Rights Commission, and Rising Tides Task Force; a member of the Golden Valley Crime Prevention Fund; two Golden Valley police officers; and a social service provider who works in the community.

The Task Force will meet twice a month beginning mid-November 2020 with a goal to complete its work by May, 2021.

To learn more or to submit an application, go the the Police Commission Task Force page on the City website.

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