Support Pollinators With New GV Garden Club Signs

To help promote protection of pollinators, the Golden Valley Garden Club is introducing yard signs to recognize and celebrate residents’ efforts in this area. Signs will be available for $5 at Market In The Valley Sept 27 and Oct 4, 9 am-1 pm. The GV Garden Club table will also include a “Simple Steps” display and resources.

Most flowering plants need pollinators, which include bees, butterflies, moths, and birds. Unfortunately, pollinators are under pressure from diseases, destruction of habitat, and overuse of chemicals.

The Golden Valley Garden Club’s website provides a list of simple steps people can take in their own yards to help pollinators. Displaying a “Simple Steps Help Pollinators” sign shows you’re actually doing it and helps educate neighbors.

The “Simple Steps Help Pollinators” signs are also available by contacting the GV Garden Club at or via the GV Garden Club Facebook page.

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