Hwy 55/Douglas Dr Intersection Project Funded In Bonding Bill

After years of planning and work to align funding, the City of Golden Valley will be able to move forward with improvements to the intersection of Hwy 55 and Douglas Dr after the project was funded in the bonding bill signed by Gov Tim Walz Oct 22, 2020. Construction could start as early as 2022.

The $1.87 billion bonding bill is the largest in Minnesota history and will help pay for hundreds of infrastructure projects that will bring long-term benefits to communities across the state.

The $6.5 million Hwy 55/Douglas Dr intersection project will solve a number of safety problems at the intersection and on the south Hwy 55 frontage road.

Currently pedestrians must cross six lanes of Hwy 55 traffic to reach businesses, schools, and other area amenities. The Luce Line regional trail just north of Hwy 55 also brings many recreational bikers and joggers to the area. The project includes an ADA compliant underpass culvert crossing for pedestrians and bikers.

Because of the south frontage road’s proximity to Hwy 55, vehicles don’t have room to queue at the intersection. This causes significant back-ups and waiting through numerous traffic signal cycles. Multiple accidents have occurred at the intersection as a result. The project will extend the throat of the intersection and incorporate a roundabout to provide more queuing capacity for vehicles and move more vehicles through in a shorter amount of time.

For more information about the project, visit the Hwy 55/Douglas Dr Intersection website.

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