Hennepin County Creates Waitlist For Small Business Relief Funding

Hennepin County will open an online submission form for businesses who would like to be placed on a waitlist to access Small Business Relief Program funds if they become available. Golden Valley small businesses are encouraged to submit.

The online submission forms will be available Fri, Oct 30 through Fri, Nov 6 at noon.

Businesses that have already received funding through Hennepin County’s Small Business Relief (SBR) or Self-Employed Entrepreneur (SEE) funds may be eligible to receive an additional grant up to $5,000 or $2,500 respectively, if selected from the waitlist.

Waitlist Eligibility

To be placed on the waitlist, the business must provide documentation of the following.

  • A permanent physical establishment in Hennepin County (only home-based businesses who have employees in addition to the owner(s) may submit for waitlist consideration).
  • Registration in good standing with the Minnesota Secretary of State.
  • Employment of no more than 50 employees as of March 2020.
  • Current payment of property taxes.
  • W-9 Form
  • Eligible expenses that have not or will not be reimbursed with another source of city, state, or federal funds (payroll costs and property taxes are not eligible expenses).
  • Business interruption due to COVID-19, defined as either or both of the following.
    • The business was restricted from operating above 50 percent capacity by governor’s executive order.
    • The business can demonstrate at least a 10 percent loss of revenue as a result of the COVID.

For more information, visit the Hennepin County website.

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