Deadline To Apply For The Noah Joynes Youth Recreation Fund Is Dec 18

The deadline to the apply for the Noah Joynes Youth Recreation Fund is a little over one month away. Applications can be found on the City website.

Established in 2020 by the Joynes family to celebrate the life of Noah Joynes, one priority of Noah’s Fund is to support the improvement or addition of community youth recreation facilities.

Applications are open through Dec 18, 2020, to Golden Valley 501(c)(3) organizations and Golden Valley based youth organizations requesting funds for amenities or facilities that:

  • Noah Joynes Logoserve Golden Valley youth aged 0-18 years old
  • operate within Golden Valley
  • enhance or expand amenities already provided by an organization (organizations proposing a new amenity must provide a plan for sustaining the amenity after the grant term)
  • are innovative and do not duplicate existing amenities
  • demonstrate measurable and achievable outcomes

The Noah Joynes Youth Recreation Fund Board will evaluate each grant application on its merits to positively impact youth and the Golden Valley community. Proposed projects may take place at any time during the grant year, beginning Feb 1 and ending Dec 31. Only projects taking place during the stated grant year will be considered for funding.

More information, including the grant application and details about the life of Noah Joynes, is available on the Noah’s Fund page on the City website. If you have questions, contact Rick Birno, Parks & Recreation Director at 763-512-2342.

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