Eagle Scout Projects Benefit Two City Parks

Nearly every year at least one Boy Scout reaches out to the City of Golden Valley looking to complete a capstone Eagle Scout Service Project. These projects must benefit the community as a whole and are required in order to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest Boy Scout rank. This year not one, but two scouts completed projects in City parks, and both required maneuvering around the challenges of COVID-19.

Lions Park Softball Shed

Like several Eagle Scouts before him, Calvin Vasicek turned to the City for ideas on his service project. Vasicek eventually settled on the idea of building an softball equipment shed for Lions Park.

Eagle Scout Service Projects require assistance from several volunteers, and this proved to be a challenge as Vasicek knew he couldn’t hold a large group gathering due to COVID-19.

“The week before we built the shed I invited volunteers from my troop and school, and I ended up have around 20 volunteers help me,” he said. “I then spaced out when volunteers came, in order to ensure that we could maintain social distancing.”

Throughout the project, Vasicek said one the biggest things he learned was how much work it takes to plan and organize a project like this. The completed shed was installed at Lions Park Sept 29.

Wesley Park Gaga Ball Pit

Devin Ankeny decided in March to build a wooden pit to play Gaga Ball, a game he learned at Boy Scout camp in 2016 and one he wanted to share with the Golden Valley community.

His project was delayed several months due to the virus, with construction starting mid-October. Luckily he had a big group of masked-up volunteers helping him.

“We had 14 volunteers, including friends, scouts, parents, and siblings,” he said. “They helped measure, dig holes for the posts, insert the posts, assemble the wood planks, screw screws, cut wood, and sand rough spots. Some volunteers also supplied food and beverages. It was a team effort.”

The project was completed and installed at Wesley Park Oct 17.

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