City Continues Its EAB Management Efforts

Since the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was first identified in Golden Valley in July 2018, several more infested ash trees have been confirmed throughout the community. The City is continuing its EAB management efforts by annually removing and replacing ash trees, conducting public education, and completing tree inventories.

Inventory Map

The City’s Forestry Division recently updated its tree inventory focusing on ash trees greater than 6 inches in diameter and “high risk” trees that may present a hazard adjacent to nature trails within the City.

The inventory revealed 257 ash trees in need of removal and 154 other trees deemed “high risk.” Twelve of these trees need to be removed immediately, 97 need to be removed as soon as realistically possible, 20 need to be removed eventually, and 31 need to be pruned as soon as realistically possible.

At the Nov 23 Environmental Commission meeting, City staff recommended prioritizing trees by trail usage and removing or pruning the highest risk trees while also removing any ash trees in close proximity at the same time. Staff also recommended using current budget levels and resources to continue removing a percentage of ash trees each year as stated in the EAB Management Plan approved by the City Council in 2010.

The Environmental Commission will continue to receive updates on the progress of the City’s EAB Management efforts and help guide the implementation of the City’s Natural Resources Management Plan.

For more information about the City EAB management efforts and to learn what you can do to help slow the spread of EAB, see the Invasive Species page on the City website.

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