Signing Up For GV Emergency Is Easy

Many residents have already signed up for the new version of GV Emergency. Those who haven’t yet can sign up in just a few minutes.

The newly updated GV Emergency allows the City to send out notifications in a variety of ways, including voice, text, email, mobile app, and more.

Emergency notifications will tell you to take action and are only used as needed.

General notifications will include messages to help you make informed decisions. These notifications will be used more frequently and only go to people who opt in.

Register For GV Emergency

The City of Golden Valley strongly recommends all residents sign up for GV Emergency to stay informed in the event of an emergency. Residents previously registered for GV Emergency will need to re-register.

  1. Visit and click “Subscribe.”
  2. Create a username and password.
  3. Enter your address and preferred contact methods (voice, text (SMS), email, etc). If you prefer to not receive general notifications, un-check “General Notifications” under Alert Type.
  4. Once you’ve finished entering your information, click “Verify Information.”
  5. Finally, download CodeRED’s mobile app to receive emergency notifications in participating areas while traveling.

For questions, please call the Golden Valley Fire Department at 763-593-8055.

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