Three Rivers Park District Assessing Sub-Watershed In Sochacki Park

Three Rivers Park District, in coordination with Golden Valley, Robbinsdale, and the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Commission, is assessing the sub-watershed in Sochacki Park to identify potential improvements to its wetlands.

The assessment is the first step toward improving the ecological health, aesthetics, and condition of the wetlands and providing additional outdoor recreation and education opportunities.

Looking Ahead

Barr Engineering will develop the sub-watershed model with data collected by Three Rivers Park District in 2020 and 2021. Once the model is complete, it will be used to identify significant sources of nutrients that flow to the ponds, and develop guidelines for nutrient levels that support a healthy wetland ecosystem.

Following the assessment, a report will detail the findings and recommend potential options and costs to improve water quality and the ecological health of the wetlands. Based on this report, staff will determine best management practices to implement to meet the long-term goals of the plan.

Project Timeline

Summer 2021: Continuation of data collection and monitoring by Three Rivers Park District and Barr Engineering.

Jan–March 2022: Development of watershed model.

2022: Sochacki Steering Committee reviews final report and develops plan for implementing water quality improvement measures.

Learn more about the project here.

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