Golden Valley DMV Open For Walk-In Service

The Golden Valley DMV is now open for walk-in service, but there are still a few good reasons to make an appointment before your visit.

Five Reasons To Make A DMV Appointment

  1. It’s easy. Book your appointment online up to two weeks in advance.
  2. No waiting in line. Enter City Hall just before your appointment time and head right to the appointment window.
  3. It will save you time. DMV wait times can be long. By making an appointment, you can get back to your day quicker.
  4. If you forget something in your car, you can quickly grab it and come back without needing to re-enter a line.
  5. It ensures you will spend less time inside. While masks and social distancing are no longer required, some people prefer to maintain their health and safety habits. Making an appointment will limit your interaction with other customers.

For more information and to make a DMV appointment, visit the City website.

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