Join The Discussion On Workplace Dis/Ability Inclusion June 9, 6 pm

According to the American Association of People With Dis/Abilities, there at over 15 million people in the United States with visible and non-visible disabilities and many of those people are un- or underemployed. Often times this relates to many employers not offering a dis/ability inclusive workplace. At the City’s next Building An Equitable Golden Valley forum, June 9, 6 pm, attendees will learn about dis/ability inclusion in the workplace and the relationship between increasing accessibility and outcomes like staff retention, profitability, and positive work environments.

The word “disability” suggests a person is represented or identified by what they cannot do, rather than what they can do. The word “dis/ability,” spelled with a slash, is used intentionally to counter the word “disability.”

The objectives of this forum are to:

  • provide an understanding of barriers to employment faced by people with dis/abilities
  • dispel myths regarding workplace safety, productivity, and cost of employing people with dis/abilities
  • share examples and strategies of inclusion and accommodations to help your organization become more inclusive

Panelists include Eric Black, Minnesota Diversified Industries; Nicole Rabinowitz, Inclusive Networking; Danielle Loewen, Byerlys Diversity and Inclusion Committee; and Rising TIDES Task Force Member Ajani Woodson, who will share his personal experience with workplace inclusion.

Join The Event



  • Watch live on Cable Channel 16.


  • Listen to the session by calling +1-415-655-0001 and entering the meeting code 133 131 6379.

Watch the City website for updates.

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