Monitor Your Water Usage During Dry Weather And Avoid A High Water Bill

Minnesota’s abnormally dry and hot weather this summer has already broken multiple state records and all signs point to this weather continuing through the fall, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Golden Valley residents can take steps to limit their water usage in between rainfall to avoid costly water bills.

  • If you need to water your yard or garden, do it in the morning or evening. Water evaporates quickly when the sun is high, so water when it’s more likely to stay in the soil.
  • If you have an outdoor pool, cover it when it is not in use to avoid the water evaporating.
  • Keep a weekly or bi-weekly track of your water meter. If you notice large jumps week to week, try to pinpoint where you are using the most water and reduce it.

Track With EyeOnWater

EyeOnWater allows customers to not only view, but understand their water usage easily throughout their billing cycle with consumption graphs. It also provides the opportunity to track usage and establish alerts to detect high usage caused by a leaky toilet, sprinkler system, or something similar. Please note, since the reading system was only recently installed,
readings prior to 2021 are not available.

EyeOnWater can be accessed online or via a mobile app. For best results online, use the browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

When signing up, please note your EyeOnWater account number is your customer number on your utility bill.

To sign up, visit

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