GVFD Warns Residents Of Poor Air Quality In Metro Area

Many parts of Minnesota, including the metro area, are experiencing poor air quality due to smoke from Canadian wildland fires. The Golden Valley Fire Department is cautioning residents about spending time outdoors due to the haze. The Department is also advising residents to not call 911 unless they see/smell something more than just the haze.

Air quality is measured on a numbered scale. As of July 29, 2021, the air quality of the metro area is at least 151, which is considered unhealthy for all people and pets.

The GVFD is also asking residents to not have recreational fires during this time. Per City Code 12-24.9, recreational fires are not allowed anytime the air quality is 101 or greater.

Air quality in the metro area is expected to improve over the next few days.

Maintain Your Health While In Unhealthy Air Conditions

While experiencing an unhealthy level of air quality (151 of higher), all people are discouraged from exercising outdoors and individuals with heart or lung problems should attempt to stay indoors, ideally with air conditioning. Young children and older adults are most vulnerable to the effects of poor air quality.

The Minnesota Department of Health has information on its website about the negative impacts of breathing unhealthy air.

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