City Council Approves New Commission To Help Innovate And Transform Public Safety Services

At its Aug 4, 2021 meeting, the Golden Valley City Council voted to replace the City’s Civil Service Commission (CSC) with a Police Employment, Accountability, and Community Engagement (PEACE) Commission. The new commission is expected to hold its first meeting Oct 14, 2021 and on the second Thursday of the month thereafter.

The CSC has served the Golden Valley community for decades, offering support for the employment, promotion, discharge, and suspension of Golden Valley Police officers.

In Sept 2020, the City Council approved the creation of a Police Commission Task Force to begin the process of studying how the City might replace the existing CSC with a new Police Commission. The purpose of the Task Force was to develop a recommendation regarding the name, membership composition, and duties of a new commission on policing and draft a proposed mission statement and bylaws for the new Commission. The Task Force eventually recommended creating the PEACE Commission.

The PEACE Commission’s mission is to help the Golden Valley Police Department (GVPD) innovate and transform its provision of public safety services based on community input and needs, and to assure that the department provides inclusive, community-centered service. More information on the Commission’s duties and responsibilities can be found on the PEACE Commission web page.

Join The PEACE Commission

The Commission will be comprised of:

  • three individuals representing populations historically and presently harmed by policing
  • two employees of the GVPD (non-voting)
  • at least one and no more than two youth, 21 years old or younger
  • one individual with professional human resources or recruitment experience
  • one individual with knowledge or experience of mental health, substance use disorder, or homelessness
  • one individual or caregiver with knowledge of or experience with the senior population in Golden Valley
  • one parent, teacher, or administrator at a school that serves Golden Valley residents
  • one individual who is a renter, or lives in multi-family housing, or group housing in Golden Valley
  • at least one individual that has been impacted by the criminal justice system

Golden Valley community members can now apply to join the PEACE Commission until Oct 5. The Commission will begin meeting monthly starting Oct 14, 2021.

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