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At the start of 2021, the City of Golden Valley upgraded its emergency notification tool, GV Emergency, and it recently put the tool to use to notify residents of the April 12, 2021 county-wide curfew. Residents who aren’t already signed up for GV Emergency are strongly encouraged to do so. Read More

Nationally, floods claim nearly 200 lives each year, force 300,000 people from their homes, and result in property damage in excess of $2 billion. This is why the Minnesota Department of Safety (MN DPS) highlights the dangers of flooding each year. Read More

In today’s world, technology can communicate with us almost anywhere and provide advanced warnings of impending hazards or other important information. Knowing where and how you can receive these warnings and what to do when you get them can mean the difference between life and death. Read More

The Golden Valley Fire Department recently held a promotional ceremony for a few of its firefighters, while also swearing in five new firefighters. Typically done in-person, with family present, this year’s ceremonies were performed and recorded either at-home or in a COVID-safe manner. Read More

Minnesota’s Severe Weather Awareness Week is April 12–16, and the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (MNDPS) and the Golden Valley Fire Department want to ensure residents are educated and prepared for when the worst happens. Read More

Since transitioning GV Emergency to it’s new platform, CodeRED, on Jan 1, 2021, the City has had over 700 new subscribers to emergency notifications. The City encourages all residents and businesses to enroll to stay notified in the event of an emergency. Read More

The Golden Valley Fire Department (GVFD) is sending three of its five new recruits to the West Suburban Fire Academy (WSFA) to begin their careers as firefighters. The other two are already state-certified firefighters from other cities who will learn Golden Valley’s equipment, apparatus, and procedures/policies. Read More

Last year, smoking was the leading cause of fatal fires in Minnesota according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS). Now the State Fire Marshal Division is working to raise awareness about the dangers of careless smoking. Read More

Many residents have already signed up for the new version of GV Emergency. Those who haven’t yet can sign up in just a few minutes. Read More

GV Emergency, the City’s mass notification tool, is now powered by a new platform called CodeRED. Read More