News By Category: Hennepin County

Hennepin County has over 50 openings on its advisory boards for 2022. The deadline to apply is Dec 31, 2021 and appointments will be made in the first quarter of 2022. Read More

Adding a new waste disposal method to your household isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Check out a few tips below from Hennepin County to easily transition into organics recycling. Read More

The City is hosting an information session Nov 10, 6–7:30 pm at City Hall for community members to learn more about Hennepin County’s 911 Embedded Social Worker Program and the Golden Valley Police Department’s (GVPD) involvement. Attendees, virtual or in-person, will be entered in a Hennepin County raffle to receive a variety of prizes like gift cards or County and GVPD swag. Read More

Join Hennepin County’s online Stop Food Waste Challenge to learn easy, practical skills that will help you stop wasting food, put more money in your pocket, and create a healthier environment. Read More

During Fire Prevention Week, October 3–9, Hennepin County is raising awareness about how batteries may catch fire or be dangerous when they are thrown in the trash. Dispose of batteries correctly by dropping them off at a Hennepin County Drop-Off Facility. Read More

In preparation for the Hennepin County mandated roll out of organics recycling, the City is finalizing a service provider contract for both curbside recycling and organics. Read More

While batteries make our lives more convenient, once they are used it is important to remember to dispose of them properly. Hennepin County offers battery recycling at a few of its drop-off facilities. Read More

To help divert waste from landfills, Hennepin County is offering grants to property owners and developers to deconstruct residential buildings and salvage building materials instead of disposing of them. Read More

To protect the health and safety of taxpayers and staff, Hennepin County is holding virtual open book meetings Tue, April 27, 1 am–6:30 pm and Thu, April 29, 8 am–4:30 pm. Read More

Hennepin County is accepting feedback on the latest changes to its Climate Action Plan through April 22. Feedback received will be summarized and shared with commissioners prior to the committee meetings April 27. Read More